Daphne Holland


I love painting with encaustic paint because of its unique process for mixing and applying color.  I find it engaging which helps to focus my creativity. The tools used in fusing the paint are modern and industrial: brushes, propane or butane torches, heat guns and tacking irons. Yet, the result is both primitive and intimate.

My work is an exploration of the medium with very little narrative.  The attraction for me is the translucency, organic and sculptural quality of the medium.  Besides the mystery of color residing beneath the surface, the ability to cut into the wax allows me to build and sculpt relief in my work.  It’s simultaneously a two-dimensional and sculptural exploration of the medium.  I enjoy making marks and applying color, and then going back into the yielding surface.

My desire is to bring you to the surface of my works; and once there to experience the rewards of color and textural nuance that closer inspection affords. While the paintings are inspired by the memories of personal experience, what I offer to you in them is not intended to be more than they are: rich surfaces that hold and reveal. You can bring what you will to the work and if it is successful, it will evoke a memory of yours that is rich and worth revisiting.

B.F.A. Studio Art, University of Texas at Austin
California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, CA
Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY